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Oversized T-shirt


Why We Created

Fashion is everywhere. But Breakbounce revolutionized street fashion in India by being the first ones to introduce it to this country. To inspire and revive a culture that gave the world originals who came from the streets. Originals, who became legends in the fields of music, art, film, you name it. Inspired by Dutch craftsmanship and European street fashion nuances, our gear is distinct with its quirky street inspired spunk, details, cuts and sews. Joggers, denims, shorts, are about stating, loud and clear personal statements, idiosyncrasies, creativity. It’s gear you can go out in, play in or just hang with the boys in. We’re a tad bit loony, yep, but that’s what the streets are all about.

Innovative Street Style

Breakbounce pushes the boundaries of fashion, infusing contemporary designs with a touch of eccentricity, resulting in unique streetwear that stands out from the crowd.

Uncompromising Quality

Our commitment to Dutch craftsmanship and premium materials ensures that every piece we create is designed to last, providing you with exceptional comfort and durability.

Fearlessly Individual

Breakbounce empowers you to express your true self with a diverse range of styles, cuts, and colors, allowing you to make a statement and embrace your fearless spirit.