Must Have Bottom-wear For Men

A perfect pair of pants can make even the plainest outfits shine. As trends come and go at the blink of an eye, there’s no dearth of options for men’s trousers today. No more are men limited to the same old designs and colours of pants that fill up their closet endlessly, and can venture into more adventurous territory. Here are some must-haves bottom wear for men to help you make every outfit stand out. 

The Ever-Dependable Trousers

When talking about trousers for men, they have the superpower that makes it pairable with any shirt or tee. A well fitted pair of trousers can go a long way if you treat it right and can be worn for almost any occasion. Not to mention, trousers for men and white shirt is one combination that stays eternally classy and can be your go-to look if you can’t figure out an outfit for the day. 

Take it Easy with Joggers

Joggers for men are the epitome of comfort and make the perfect loungewear. When styled right, men’s joggers can be worn to casual outings as well and doesn’t necessarily have to be confined to the walls of your home. Joggers for men give off a sporty and athletic look and come in a variety of colours and styles; perfect for the changing tastes of the modern man. 

Summery Cargo Shorts

Cool and baggy, cargo shorts are what you go to when regular shorts are too boring of an option to consider. Cargo shorts for men can be styled with many options such as t-shirts, casual shirts and even hoodies and sweaters for the occasional unexpected chilly summer night. Cargos come in many great colours and prints and give you more options to experiment with your looks for the summer. 

All-rounder chinos

A fashionable by-product of military wear, chinos are remarkably comfortable to wear, especially during summers. Not to formal and not too casual, chinos look great with button-down shirts and blazers if you’re going for a dressy aesthetic. If going casual with chinos, linen shirts work well.  If regular trousers are too boring for you, mix it up with a nice pair of chinos. 

Trousers for men have a great bandwidth for sure. The different styles, fabrics and designs mean more alternatives for the fashionably conscious man to choose from when going out on the town or just going to the office. Our latest bottom wear collection at Breakbounce offers you the best options in a variety of categories for streetwear and more at affordable prices, curated for everyday wear.